Effects on health?

From television to the freezer and even the spark needed to trigger the fuel heater, electricity gives us a cosy life. We analyse risks associated with our "Electricity" fairy, especially the potential effects of exposure to 50 Hz electric and magnetic fields.

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A growing number of people report a variety of non specific symptoms, that they attribute to electricity. The symptoms appear at exposure levels that do not lead to any reaction in the majority of people, at frequencies and intensities to which the population is exposed and far below international recommendations.

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Thematic files: Photovoltaic system

Photovoltaic generators use the semiconductor properties of the materials they are made of. Photovoltaic solar cells are semiconductors that are able to convert light into electric direct current. Current goes through an inverter which converts DC into AC that is used in electric appliances.

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Exposure to EM fields

The majority of the electrical appliances in the home are located in the kitchen and bathroom. These two rooms are consequently the most exposed in the house. Many appliances (e.g. hair drier, can-opener, shaver ... ) produce intense magnetic fields (> 100 µT) during short periods of time.

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Electricity & Electromagnetism

We use everyday numerous forms of energy: petroleum, wind, water, the sun are all energy vectors, just like our own body energy and that of animals. This energy gives us the means to produce work (e.g. movement, light or heat). Among these different forms of energy, there is one which uses the energy of electrons: it is called Electricity. Its generation, its transmission and its use are possible because of its electromagnetic characteristics.

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