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Belgian BioElectroMagnetics Group

Toxicology (WIV/ISP)

Toxicology (WIV/ISP)

Luc Verschaeve +32 (0)2 642 54 36
Annemarie Maes +32 (0)2 642 52 60
Roel Anthonissen +32 (0)2 642 51 07

Reasearch project inside the BBEMG:

in vitro and in vivo investigations to obtain data that may or may not support the alleged association with ELF-magnetic field exposure.

See Toxicology objectives, Reports and publications.

Other topics:

  • Assessment of the dangers and health risks associated with chemical substances and non-ionising radiation.
  • Development of test methods for in vitro toxicology and for determining the genotoxic properties of chemical substances, non-ionising radiations, natural products and new foodstuffs.
  • Monitoring of the quality of the environment and of public health.
Wetenschappelijk Instituut Volksgezondheid
Genetische toxicologie
J. Wytsmanstraat 14
B-1050 Brussel

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Latest update on 11/05/2015

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