BBEMG - Belgian BioElectroMagnetics Group

Belgian BioElectroMagnetics Group

Unité de Psychoneuroendocrinologie (ULg)

Unité de Psychoneuroendocrinologie (ULg)

Gabrielle Scantamburlo +32 (0)4 366 79 60
Christian Brabant +32 (0)4 366 77 78

Research project inside the BBEMG:

Meeting of people self-proclamed as "hypersensitive" to electricity (subjects suffering from disorders that they believe to be associated with exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields) in order to :

  • better describe and characterise this phenomenon,
  • delineate factors playing a role in this sensitivity,
  • assess the detection capacities by exposures to magnetic fields, and
  • jointly seek solutions for a better management of this problem (clinical research part).

See PNE objectives, Reports and publications.

Other topics:

  • Neurobiology of Mood Disorders.
  • Andropause.
Université de Liège
Unité de Psychoneuroendocrinologie (PNE)
Sart Tilman, CHU B-35 | 4000 Liège

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Latest update on 07/02/2017

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