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Electrosensitivity: Objectives

Electrosensitivity: Objectives


Exposure to extremely low frequency electric and magnetic fields (50 Hz) in humans: effects on health and psychobiological parameters

A growing number of experimental and epidemiologic studies are interested in the psychological, physiological and neuroendocrine effects of magnetic field exposure (50/60 Hz) in humans. Studies have investigated the impact of extremely low frequency electric and/or magnetic fields (50 Hz) on various measures such as mood, attention, concentration, memory, psychomotor abilities, sleep… Some of these studies have detected small subtle effects but they are difficult to replicate and conflicting results have been reported.

In our laboratory, our purpose is to investigate the effects of 50 Hz electric and magnetic fields (here the main component is the magnetic field) on health and psychobiological measures in humans. Healthy and electrosensitive subjects are exposed to a magnetic field that is either turned on or off. The subjects are tested using a double blind procedure meaning that both the researcher and the subject are unaware of the magnetic levels generated in the experience (0 vs 20 µT). In our studies, we examine the impact of magnetic field exposure on several measures such as stress, anxiety, working memory and attention processes. We also assess the symptoms reported by the subjects and their ability to detect whether the magnetic field is turned on or off in the experimental setting.

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Latest update on 15/12/2016

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