BBEMG - Belgian BioElectroMagnetics Group

Belgian BioElectroMagnetics Group

Overview of the BBEMG project (2013-2017)

Overview of the BBEMG project (2013-2017)

The Belgian BioElectroMagnetics Group (BBEMG) investigates health effects of electric fields and magnetic induction generated by the transport and the use of electric power in our daily life and places of work (50 Hz). 

In the current 2013-2017 project, it includes Belgian researchers from three universities (Liège, Gent, Brussels) and one research institute (Brussels). These five research teams work together in a multidisciplinary way: experimental studies on cells in laboratories, risk assessment and management, human studies and modelling of electric fields and currents inside the body.


Please feel free to contact teams for questions regarding their studies.

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Latest update on 30/05/2017

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